Benefits for Dealer Groups


Tired of pasting together multiple reports from multiple website providers? Tired of decoding the myriad of “math rules” and “metric meanings” between website providers? Wonder which website provider is providing the best ROI for your dealer group? Dataium has the solution…

How does website performance compare from store to store

  • Compare each website performance for each dealership in your group against benchmarks defined by you

Which website or website provider delivers the greatest ROI

  • Dataium provides a “common yardstick” to measure each website provider or website
  • Dataium provides one reporting platform allowing you to manage multiple websites hosted by multiple providers
  • How do your websites perform compared to others in your market, brand, or nationally

Access independent, unbiased website stats

  • Dataium is focused on providing only accurate and timely website and behavior data independent of which website provider(s) you may use.
  • If our data is not correct and easy to access, we lose customers.
  • We are not vested in retaining your website hosting business, we are not a website provider.

Is your website a winner?


Append all your leads from your website, OEM, and 3rd party lead providers

  • Which leads are still actively shopping online
  • Which vehicles has each lead shopped for
  • Which websites has each lead visited
    • Which OEM, Portal, and Research websites
  • What type of buyer is each lead
  • What keywords have they used during their shopping sessions
  • Which Social media websites have they visited
  • And much more


Which websites in your dealership group are competing against each other, and how

  • Monitor online auto shoppers as they shop across your dealer group websites.ß
  • Which stores compete most often and who wins.
  • Which vehicles do shoppers search for and which autos are your stores competing against.
  • Do auto shoppers shop price at one store and service at another.
  • Which stores are gaining “car buyer” share, which are declining.
  • Which dealerships in each market are your dealers competing against.
    • Whose winning, whose losing

Cross shopper analysis

  • Which car buyers are shopping which stores in your dealership group.
  • Which stores most often compete against each other.
  • Alert sales staff when they are competing between stores for the same buyer.

Align inventory by store

  • Which cars are getting the most traction on which models.
  • Locate the right cars, at the right store, at the right time.


Align promotions and marketing to optimize sales across your entire dealer group

  • Which dealership promotions impact which stores in your dealer group the most.
    • Align sales and marketing incentive and promotions to minimize sales cannibalization.
  • Align dealership branding with auto shopper type and behavior generating the greatest sales rates.
  • Align website images with shopper behavior based upon their car shopping across the internet.
    • Display competitive vehicle or the exact vehicle the consumer last shopped on the internet.
  • Align content to consumer interest.
    • Otto Buyer spent most his time on, and others, deliver vehicle comparative for their research oriented buyer right on your website’s homepage or in your email to him.
    • Which cars do you feature in this weekend’s advertising….those generating the most searches on your website and websites across your market, nationally, or your brand.
  • Turn service customers into new car customers –
    • Indentify which service customers are actively shopping for a new car, have a salesperson greet them in the service lobby.
    • Offer a loaner competitive to their car shopping behavior elsewhere.
  • Align sales messaging and sale person with the buyer type
    • Heavy research buyer?... assign the salesperson on your team which is most effective in closing research buyers, or assign your best “price buyer” salesperson and close more sales.
  • Automate inventory search for your website visitors to align with their inventory searches across the internet
    • Take a step out of the buying process for your website visitors and generate more leads.


  • Which advertising and promotional events deliver the greatest ROI
  • How do competitive marketing campaigns impact consumer engagement and intensity for your brand
  • Performance impact charts track online shopper activity down to the millisecond demonstrating broadcast advertising impact
  • Advertising effectiveness reports highlight ad content and its effectiveness in delivering motivated buyers
  • Target incentives to the right buyers based upon online shopping behavior
  • Which content, graphics, and design change or motivate auto shopper behavior