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Most online and web analytics reports show only the home score...
so how do you know if you’re winning or losing?

With Dataium’s revolutionary analytics you can measure your performance with an independent reporting tool that provides full visibility to your performance, and how it compares to your market, your peers, your competitors, and more.

Achieve deeper understanding of your online shoppers
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Our one-of-a-kind, dealership website performance tool uses the power of Big Data to aggregate the largest data set containing observed online automotive shopping behavior in the world. We channel this data through two groundbreaking technological advancements to deliver one of the most powerful tools in your arsenal. And we do this for a very small price.

    1. Contextual KPITM. This displays DMA (local market) and national averages relative to your own website performance. We apply this technology to both visitor traffic summary charts and detailed performance ratios. Finally, you are now able to monitor your website metrics against other dealerships in your market, and the nation. In professional sports, both teams are on the scoreboard, so why aren’t you keeping score relative to your competition?

    2. Automotive Shopper Intensity (ASI) Index. A derived calculation indicating shopper intent based on actual observed online shopping behavior. We collect, aggregate and rate each interaction by millions of shoppers across thousands of websites. ASI is applied to your Shopper Profiles, listing the most popular vehicle a lead is shopping, regardless of the lead-vehicle submitted to you. We aggregate their entire shopping history and boil it down to one make-model and an average price range. Big Data made easy.

INSITE Standard supports multi-franchise and independent dealership websites, and includes up to two calendar months of data at any given time.

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With This Report You Can:
  • Lower SEM costs while increasing traffic
  • See prospects hot buttons and most desired vehicle
  • Know which vehicles will be in demand next month
  • Increase website performance and lead conversions

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Seeing your own website performance, including conversion rates relative to your market and national averages, offers unprecedented visibility to activity centered around your inventory units, ad campaigns, and overall website performance.

Achieve More

Knowing more about your website performance and visitor activity enables you to achieve more and make better decisions.

Think of the possibilities if you knew:

  • Which inventory units are the top performers?
  • What is my best inventory mix in the next 45 days?
  • What keyword phrases generate the most leads?
  • What price range are your leads shopping, on or off your website?
  • How many days has your lead been in-market?
  • What ad campaign was each lead associated with?
  • Is my pay-per-click budget producing the best results?

With nearly 200 million active automotive shoppers in our network... What are you waiting for?

Get started today for only $99 Setup and $99 per month.

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Have More Than One Website?

For dealership groups or dealership vendors serving a group of dealership websites, please explore our VisiCogn® Enterprise solution, offering roll-up reporting like you’ve never seen before!