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VisiCogn® Enterprise

This is our most powerful Business Intellingence reporting tool

Designed for large Dealer Groups, Ad Agencies, Website Providers and Automotive Portals.

Context Around Your Website Performance

Ever wonder if the increase you saw on your website was a result of your ad or did the entire market see equivalent gains? Unlike other analytics tools,
VisiCogn® Enterprise provides you with contextual KPI's which compare your website performance to others in your local market and across the nation. This allows you to understand how market conditions and your advertising campaigns are impacting your website performance.

Inventory Management

Which vehicles will be the top sellers over the coming months? Do you have the right used vehicles, at the right price for your market based upon consumer interest and demand from across your marketplace? Identify your top performing vehicles so you'll be better able to align your inventory with what your shoppers are interested in buying over the coming months. The Enterprise edition drills deeper into your inventory performance, down to the stock number, and providing answers to which ad campaigns are driving the most views.

Conversion Metrics

Go beyond page views and visitors and identify what ad campaigns and keywords are generating the most inventory views and leads on your website.

360 Perspective Of Your Auto Shoppers

Gain greater perspective of your auto shoppers. The Enterprise edition comes equipped with our most popular auto shopper dashboards including the In-Market Lead and Lead ReCogn dashboards. Together these give you one of the most comprehensive views into the online shopping behavior of all your customers- how long they have been in the buying cycle, the types of sites they have visited, the vehicles viewed, price affinity, and much more so that you will have better understanding of their purchase intent.

Pricing starts at $999.00 per month