Benefits for the Automobile Manufacturer


Collect auto shopper behavior across all websites, OEM and dealership, then monitor, manage, and analyze millions of behavioral events from one enterprise level BI application.

  • Which makes and models are consumers trending toward, by market, brand, and nationwide
  • What are the affinity vehicles for each of your makes and models
  • What keywords deliver engaged and motivated auto buyers
  • How is the market performing, are consumers move in or out
  • Which vehicle segments are being impacted by changing economic conditions
  • How are individual markets, brands, models, segments, regions, performing
  • Which dealerships are engaging consumers at the local level and showing positive performance trends
  • How are current events, promotions, and incentives impacting auto shopper behavior, by make and model, market, segment, and demographic
  • Which social media outlets deliver results, which deliver brand recognition
  • Which websites are your auto buyers visiting most, auto portals, OEM websites, research sites, competitive dealership sites, and more
  • What is the typical shopping path, timeline, and behavioral markers that lead to a purchase, by make, model, market, and more


  • Archive every lead submitted on the local level and monitor future lead activity
  • What share of leads is your make or model hold by segment, against competitors, and more
  • Append leads with auto shopper behavior for greater visibility of what behavior generates leads
  • What campaign, advertising, promotional, and website traffic generates the highest quality leads
  • Notify dealers which lead submissions are still actively shopping, which have returned to the market
  • Which service customers are currently shopping for a new car, and what cars are they shopping
  • Score 3rd party and all leads for quality and propensity to buy based on the shopper’s online behavior


  • Which advertising and promotional events deliver the greatest ROI
  • How do competitive marketing campaigns impact consumer engagement and intensity for your brand
  • Performance impact charts track online shopper activity down to the millisecond demonstrating broadcast advertising impact
  • Advertising effectiveness reports highlight ad content and its effectiveness in delivering motivated buyers
  • Target incentives to the right buyers based upon online shopping behavior
  • Which content, graphics, and design change or motivate auto shopper behavior


  • Monitor and measure all website performance metrics across multiple website hosting platforms
  • Benchmark website performance metrics against national, local, regional, brand, and segment performance
  • Create performance alerts triggered by performance benchmarks
  • How are compliancy requirements impacting website performance and auto shopper activity
  • Push performance reports out to the field team and to local dealership
  • Which website providers are delivering the best performance for your local dealerships
  • Define your own metrics, use one common yardstick to measure all websites from one user friendly dashboard
  • What share of online auto shopping are your website assets capturing
  • Source independent, unbiased performance analytics for clear, accurate, and on demand reporting


  • How does your local dealership inventory align with current consumer demand
  • How does your auto production align with future sales, by make, model, trim, and more
  • How is local inventory mix tracking to consumer demand
  • How will market days supply (MDS) trend over the next 30 to 60 days
  • Which models will be next month’s top seller
  • Align inventory distribution with local market consumer demand
  • What is the competitive vehicle supply by market, region, and more
  • How is your local dealer inventory priced compared to competitive vehicles in their market
  • What are the pricing trends for by make and model, segment, across the country
  • By VIN which vehicles are gaining traction, which are not