VisiCogn® Services

Put the power of your new knowledge to work, put us to work for you.

In-Market Lead Alert®

Collect leads from your website, and we’ll append their online shopping behavior
Which vehicle does the shopper have the highest propensity to buy
  • Which leads are actively shopping for a car and what make and model
  • Archive your leads and get scheduled updates to each leads online shopping behavior...learn more

Data and Technology Integration

Turn your CRM/ILM, Inventory management system into Smart Tech.

  • CRM/ILM – integrate auto shopper data to trigger customer specific messaging based on shopper activity
  • Inventory Management – With integrated auto shopper behavior data stop managing inventory but manage a market
  • Auto Response System – Make every response the perfect response, stop sending templates to “non-template” shoppers
  • ASI Index Integration – Which customers are about to buy, which are just starting the buying the process
  • No matter which technology provider you use, we will work with them to optimize your ROI

Consulting Services

Put the greatest automotive minds to work for you.

VisiCogn® offers a team of veteran consultants. These consultants will work with you to analyze the data, conduct proprietary research projects, and find the valuable new knowledge hidden within. Then develop a plan to put that information to work within your organization to maximize your business performance and results.

Consulting Services
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